Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming Pool Safety should be number one on every pool owners list.  Many Injuries occur yearly and require trips to the emergency room to deal with them.  Most of the reported injuries involve children and teenagers.   While there are many aspects to swimming pool safety, here are a few specifics regarding swimming pool chemicals.  A good portion of these injuries are preventable by using a few good guidelines.

Read and Follow the directions on product labels.

Wear appropriate safety equipment such as goggles and gloves, Secure pool chemicals, preferably in a locked area.
Do not allow young children to handle or be around when handling chemicals.
Never mix different pool chemicals with each other.  Especially never mix chlorine with acid and never mix different types of chlorine.
Pre-dissolve pool chemicals only when directed by the label.
When adding chemicals through the skimmer, add them slowly and wait at least a half hour between different types of chemicals.
Remember, Chlorine and Bromine do not kill germs instantly.  Keep sick children out of the pool and keep the germs out of the pool by maintaining a sufficient amount of chlorine or bromine.

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