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Pink Algae in Swimming Pools

Let’s start by saying there is no such thing as “Pink Algae”. What is referred to as pink algae is actually a bacterium. While pink algae are rare in pools it can occur, attaching itself to principally to PVC plastics as well as the pool surface. The Pink Algae forms a protective coating, which makes removal somewhat more challenging. It should be noted that pink algae thrives in a dark environment, particularly in areas with slow moving water

pink_algae_adhering_pool_wallThe best prevention for any algae is not to allow it to get a foothold. Keep your chlorine levels at the recommended levels, brush the pool surfaces frequently.

How do you get rid of pink algae in pools

Since Pink algae are not algae, shocking the pool in most cases will not solve the problem. The use of a product called Yellow Out is recommended, Yellow Out is not an algaecide, it is a patented chemical that when used in conjunction with chlorine will eliminate the pink algae.